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Top Ways To Optimize Your Content Marketing Performance

Don’t write just good content but write great content that converts. There are millions of articles that provide information, but only a few articles make you take action. Content Marketing is the ultimate tool to increase sales, brand awareness, and business growth. 

However, most people neglect vital factors contributing to content marketing performance. That’s why we’ve brought you the seven best content marketing optimization techniques that insanely convert. Without beating around the bush, let’s directly dive into the article. 

7 Ways To Optimize Your Content Marketing Performance 

Here are the seven best ways to optimize content marketing performance that you shouldn’t miss out on. The initial two points play a crucial role and form a foundation in content marketing. So, read them carefully that have been incorporated with powerful and actionable tips. 

  • Robust Content Plan

Grab your pen and create a content plan including writing style, clear search intent, images, videos, infographics, posting frequency, and other significant aspects. Make sure you understand,

1. What exactly are you presenting to the viewers?

2. Why are you doing it(Add readers’ pain points and your unique approach to solution)?

3. Who is your ideal customer or reader? 

 Suppose you’re stuck about how to produce hundreds of topics on a single topic. Here’s a simple trick. Think from the reader’s point of view. For instance, if the reader is searching for the keyword “premium quality grinders.” 

Now, you enter the readers’ minds. If someone is searching for “premium quality grinders,” their primary intention is to buy the best one at a reasonable fare. So, in this case, you can write on multiple topics as follows: 

  • Difference between “X” grinder and “Y” grinder
  • Compare “X” vs. “Y”
  • Cost-effective A-1 rated quality grinders
  • Grinders: The buying guide 
  • How to choose the best grinder for small families 
  • How to buy grinders that last over five years and beyond 

The only way to bring out the best content is to dig out the reader’s mind and pain points. Think about what you’d have done if you were in the reader’s place.

You can also develop the “Pillar Content,” also known as central content that links to various sub-topic articles. Write about broad topics like “Grinders: The Buying Guide” and link to various sub-topics as mentioned earlier. Add high-quality images, GIFs, infographics, hand-drawn impactful pictures, or videos to make the article engaging and readable.

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  • Leverage Keywords Based On Audience’s Search Intent 

Hit the right target audience that makes your article outperform the rest. The massive traffic is useless if they don’t take the right action that you desire after reading your content. That’s why it’s vital to understand your audience’s search intention based on their keyword usage. 

According to the “Content Marketing Institute,” there are four types of search intent: Navigational, Informational, Investigational, and Transactional. If you aren’t aware of these keywords, let’s discuss them briefly. 

  • Informational: In this search intent, the readers seek answers to their queries. For example, how to unclog skin pores, how to reduce pimples, etc. 
  • Navigational: Usually, in this search intent, the audience searches for the brand, company, or local store to find out its location or store hours without any intention to buy products. 
  • Transactional: The searchers have decided to buy and search for the right products at a reasonable price. For instance, “Nike Running Shoes, Red Size 7”. 
  • Investigational: These search intents fall between the informational and transactional intents. The primary reason for the search is to research the product, company, or service to buy in the future. Usually, these intent seek information such as comparisons, differences, best products list, etc. 
  • Publish Right Content At Right Moment 

Most people think content marketing is publishing random content, videos, infographics, and podcasts without proper strategic posting time. However, bloggers or business owners get huge ROI when the content reaches the ideal prospect at the right moment. 

That’s the reason fortune companies and mega brands leverage sales funnels or customer journeys to build robust content. Usually, the informational audience content varies from other search intents. So, make sure you plan the content according to the sales funnel, considering various stages of the buyer’s journey.  

  • Add Irresistible Headlines(No More Click baits)

It’s no surprise to say that headlines play a key role in attracting colossal traffic. If the headline fails to attract an audience or arouse curiosity, the article fails to get traffic. So, craft irresistible headlines without misleading the audience. 

Numerous online articles mislead the audience just to make them click. However, these lame tricks don’t gain the audience’s trust and fail in the long run. Did you know clickbait don’t outperform, and in addition, they produce opposite results of what you desire? So, whenever you’re crafting a headline, make sure you precisely describe the article in one line. 

  • Show Results In First Few Paragraphs 

After making the reader click on your article, it’s time to show results in the first few paragraphs to grab immediate attention. Also, if the first apragra[hs aren’t interesting, the readers are most likely to leave the website. 

Never waste your energy on fluffy content. Instead, make your first paragraph crisp, short, and get right to the point. To craft the best intro lines, consider the audience’s pain point, tell them why they should read the entire article, and then get into the article’s main points. 

  • Add Powerful CTA 

Here comes another most significant factor of the content- CTA(aka Call To Action). The ultimate goal of the content is to create the desired action from the audience. In general, CTA can be added to your article in multiple forms, from downloading ebooks, pdfs to joining the email list

Things to Consider ABout CTA: 

  • The CTA must be added naturally into the content. 
  • Always include CTA in powerful wording that arouses curiosity in readers. 
  • Make it adorable by incorporating graphics, eye-popping buttons, etc. 

According to the study conducted by Hubspot, it’s known that the anchor text CTAs(the links added to a few words in a content) worked best to navigate readers from one article to the other. 

  • Promote Content On Right Channels 

Finally, the last yet vital factor that helps in 80% of your content marketing is promoting content on the right platforms. Make sure you implement the 80/20 rule during content promotions. Usually, this rule says to spend 20% of the time crafting killer content and 80% of the time marketing it on various platforms. 

Promoting the right marketing channels brings 80% of your traffic. A few best content marketing techniques are guest posting, blogger outreach, and posting on other popular platforms like Medium, Reddit, Linked In, and social media platforms. 

Let’s Sum It Up 

High-quality or highest-performing content is the blend of multiple factors. A great online copy enhances website sign-ups, product sales, or other desired actions. Add all the elements in your copy as discussed earlier to create a masterpiece. What do you say? Feel free to comment below and join the discussion. 

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