10+1 Standout Email Marketing Software Platforms to Boost Your Sales

Deep Dive into the World of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most widely used and highly effective digital marketing strategy used by businesses all across the world. It involves promoting a business’s products or services by sending out emails to prospective or existing customers. Running email marketing campaigns can act as a great tool to boost your lead generation and brand awareness efforts. 

Customers can also be made aware of your latest products/services or new offers via email marketing.

But why is email marketing the most beneficial channel to connect with prospects and promote business offerings? 

This is because email is accessible and used by people of all age groups. 

Email marketing opens the door to larger audiences for businesses and enables them to connect, engage, interact with more and more prospects. Along with boosting traffic, email marketing also helps businesses in improving brand awareness, driving customer loyalty and skyrocketing your sales.

To set up and manage email marketing campaigns successfully, businesses and marketers use an Email Service Provider (ESP). 

This software is a bulk emailing tool necessary as relying on your regular inbox provider can introduce issues pertaining to email bandwidth, design, deliverability, etc. 

ESPs, on the other hand, come with the necessary infrastructure that prevents these problems and ensures email deliverability.

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What is an Email Marketing Software?

It is essential to have a software platform to plan, implement, as well as manage and monitor email marketing campaigns. An email marketing software does that job for businesses and marketers. 

Such a platform can also manage your contact lists, assist you in crafting compelling emails, and also keep track of the number of emails that were opened and read.

An email marketing software empowers businesses with reporting and analytics capabilities that help them measure key campaign metrics accurately. These reports play a pivotal role in fine-tuning your campaign strategies for achieving your business goals. 

This bulk emailing software automates a number of your campaign processes and also streamlines your email building functions with prebuilt templates and seamless integrations.

Here's our list of Top 10 Email Marketing Softwares - 2021

Mailerlite Review | TNW


MailerLite is a valuable email marketing software that makes it extremely easy to create attractive newsletters and set up automated email campaigns. It is a powerful software solution catering to businesses of all sizes across a range of industries.
With MailerLite, you get easy-to-use marketing tools that help you create professional yet personalised campaigns on your own very easily. That’s not all, MailerLite users also get to grow their list with engaging features such as pop-ups, and surveys.

MailerLite offers the latest email marketing features that help you connect with your subscribers and build stronger relationships. This includes their intuitive drag and drop editor, automation, pre-designed newsletter templates, etc. Moreover, with customised landing pages, deliver by time zone functionality, and many more personalisation features, MailerLite lets you connect with your subscribers on a more human level.

The users of MailerLite are also empowered to assess their campaign performances accurately with the help of insightful reports. These reports provide details such as unsubscribe count, bounce rates, spam complaints, and various other metrics, which can help you gain insights into user behavior. With MailerLite, tracking trends can also be possible by obtaining details about who has opened emails and clicked on links. This even includes statistics about how many subscribers have opened the newsletter through mobile phones, desktops, browsers, etc.

Pricing Plan

MailerLite has only two plans – Free and Premium. However, the charges of the premium plan vary depending upon the number of your subscribers. The features for the free plan are also quite limited, with a limit of 1000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Certain add-ons like SitesPro, MailerPro, and Dedicated IP can be purchased for additional costs.


  • Integrations with third-party platforms like Shopify, Zapier, Stripe, WordPress, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Email newsletters can have a lot of design flexibility.
  • Provision of step-by-step tutorials for users with no technical or marketing skills.
  • Ability to customize font, color, design of your emails.


  • No integration with popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.
  • Landing page designs have very few templates.
    Automations can be quite limited as compared to what people generally expect.
  • No option to upload and store PDF’s and videos.
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MailChimp Review | TNW


For a long time, Mailchimp has been a leading player in the email marketing space. It is a top-grade marketing automation platform that enables users to easily create, implement, and analyze email campaigns. This cloud-based email marketing software perfectly caters to the requirements of businesses of all sizes. Being an all-in-one integrated marketing platform, Mailchimp also helps users in conducting targeted ad activities, building landing pages, and analysing marketing campaigns.

No matter if you’re just starting or are well-versed with email marketing, Mailchimp has got all the tools essential for your growth. With drag and drop email builders as well as pre-designed templates, producing highly engaging emails is a rather easy job. Similarly, shooting out personalized transactional emails can also be achieved with the help of Mailchimp’s professional email tools. The content studio feature also enables you to store all your images and files at a single location.

Furthermore, Mailchimp empowers users with a brilliant analytics tool to help them identify the tactics that are driving the desires results. This involves keeping track of open rates, segment data, clicks, etc. Single-step automation can serve you by aiding meaningful connections and driving growth for your campaign performances. Your online store can also be integrated with Mailchimp to send relevant product recommendations to your subscribers and improve your sales significantly.

Pricing Plan

Mailchimp comes with a free as well as three paid plans (Essentials, Standard, Premium). The free plan offers basic email-building tools and enables users to connect with up to 2000 contacts. The paid plans, on the other hand, come with various additional features such as email templates, chat support, A/B testing, etc. The pricing of paid plans starts from Rs 770 per month.


  • Intuitive user interface that makes producing personalized emails easy.
  • Highly flexible pricing which benefits businesses of all sizes.
  • Streamlined creation of transactional emails.
  • Impressive third-party integration capabilities to generate engaging emails.


  • The reporting functionality can be better.
  • Most of the templates do not miss the desired visual quality.
  • The configuration process for initial registration is a bit complicated.
  • No availability of calling support along with the chat and email support.
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Sendinblue Review | TNW


With more than 1,75,000 users across 160 countries, Sendinblue is one of the most trusted and popular email marketing software platforms. Consisting of world-class tools and features, Sendinblue helps businesses carry out highly effective email campaigns. This comprehensive platform goes beyond just serving your email marketing needs and also offers solutions for marketing campaigns, Facebook Ads, CRM, etc. With complex automation workflows, Sendinblue streamlines the end-to-end functions of your email campaigns.

Designing professional and extremely engaging emails has always been a hard row to hoe. But with Sendinblue by your side, you can simply use a template or even create a new captivating email design very efficiently. The intuitive drag and drop builder also simplifies the email production by a great deal. To make your email marketing campaigns more targeted and precise, Sendinblue enables you to group your contacts based on various factors such as gender, purchasing history, geography, etc.

Excellent email marketing platforms help in devising the best emails to successfully achieve your campaign goals. However, Sendinblue goes a step further and helps users pick the best message with the A/B testing feature. With send-time optimization, Sendinblue users get to dispatch their emails automatically at the right time. This is an extremely useful feature that makes sure you get higher open rates for your emails.

Pricing Plan

Sendinblue offers one free plan (300 emails per day) as well as three paid plans (Lite, Premium, Enterprise). Paid plans do not have any daily email limit. These plans provide a host of features and functionalities and their pricing starts from Rs. 1510 per month. The pricing plans are not dependent on the number of subscribers but vary as per the monthly email volume limit.


  • Can be used directly from the web without any installation.
  • The price-performance evaluation system is superb.
  • Ensures hassle-free practices with excellent support services.
  • Robust automation mechanism which is quite efficient.


  • Integrations with third-party platforms are very limited.
  • Communicating with customers is only possible through emails.
  • Analytics and reporting features are average as compared to other platforms.
  • Lack of informative material explaining all the platform functions.
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NewsletterBreeze is a platform made for people who believe in the power of newsletters but who do not have the time or resources to create great content for their subscribers. Newsletterbreeze curates content from different sources (selected by you) and brings it directly to your panel, so you can select the content you want to add by dragging and dropping it into your newsletter. After you add it, you can edit it, connect it to your email marketing platform and send it through your email marketing platform. It also allows you to export your newsletter as HTML and send it through any email marketing service, even your own service.

You can bring in the content in different ways. For example, you can connect different sources through its RSS. You also have a Chrome extension that you can install into your browser so that every time you find any content you like, you can add it to your account. You can also bring in content from Twitter. NewsletterBreeze is connected to different sources of images and gif files and allows you to drag and drop these images into your newsletter.

With NewsletterBreeze, creating great newsletters is not a matter of hours; it is a matter of minutes. You go to the admin, and among all the content that has been collected, drag and drop the pieces you want into your newsletter. After you do this, you can edit any of this content, move it around, and … Voila! Your newsletter is ready. In the home page of NewsletterBreeze, you can watch a video of a full newsletter created from zero in two minutes (content included).

Pricing Plan

NewsletterBreeze has three plans on offer – Basic, Pro, and Premium. Each plan provides different features. The pricing for each plan is as follows –

  • Basic – $19/month
  • Pro – $39/month
  • Premium – $79/month

    To try out all the features before making a purchase, NewsletterBreeze also provides users with a 14-day free trial.


  • Really easy platform to use.
  • The different ways you have to bring content into your account.
  • Creating Newsletters is fun. Drag and drop & move the content around.
  • All the different types of content you can bring into your newsletter.
  • Smart templates allow you to replicate the look and feel of your newsletters really fast.


  • You need an email marketing service to send your newsletter.
  • There is no free plan available.
  • Integrations with third-party platforms are limited (although you can always export your newsletter)
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GetResponse prides itself on being the easiest email marketing platform that has been serving organizations and entrepreneurs across the globe for the last 15 years. With a wide range of powerful solutions, GetResponse has been the go-to platform to implement world-class email campaigns that drive tangible results. Being scalable and completely customizable, this state-of-the-art email marketing software platform can cater to small, medium, as well as large companies.

By aiding the production of high-impact newsletters, GetResponse helps its users to carry out targeted campaigns that successfully boost the growth of subscriber lists. The numerous ready-to-use email templates, responsive email design, as well as useful statistical analysis tools of GetResponse are way more effective in comparison with other email marketing platforms. Their customer support offerings, provided via email and chat, are also proven to be quite useful in addressing the critical concerns of users.

With the next-gen functionalities, user-friendly design tools, and perfectly-timed email feature, GetResponse ensures more opens, better clicks, and higher sales for your emails. Their advanced segmentation tools help in creating customer-focused emails that make the campaigns more compelling and relevant. Built-in e-commerce tools and shoppable messages can also drive maximum ROI for your campaigns. Moreover, email analytics, user behavior tracking, and A/B testing can enable businesses to constantly uplevel their campaigns for better results.

Pricing Plan

GetResponse provides 4 pricing plans ( Basic, Plus, Professional, Max ). Instead of a free plan, GetResponse offers a free trial period of 30 days wherein you can use all the features offered by the platform. For a list of 1000 subscribers, the charges are as follows –

  • Basic – $15 / month
  • Plus – $49 / month
  • Professional – $99 / month

The pricing increases as your list size increases. The Max plan is flexible and can be customized as per the user’s requirements.


  • Quantified and detailed reports of campaign insights.
  • Easy-to-use and seamless interface.
  • Creating effective campaigns is extremely effortless.
  • High-quality templates on offer.


  • Visualizing campaign progress is difficult.
  • Integration capabilities are limited.
  • Plans are a bit expensive.
  • API could be more robust.
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ActiveCampaign Review | TNW


Here is a comprehensive platform that helps users in building top-class email newsletters and implementing highly effective campaigns with accuracy. With affordable pricing and a suite of powerful tools, ActiveCampaign caters to businesses of all scales and sizes. This advanced platform comes with 125+ email templates suitable for both B2B and B2C organizations. Delivering personalized and engaging emails has always been something that ActiveCampaign has majorly focused on.

With ActiveCampaign, you can rest assured that you are not just shooting out good-quality emails but also running campaigns that make sense for your business. Hence, ActiveCampaign users have the option of sending broadcast emails and more targeted emails to their subscribers. Autoresponders and trigger emails based on purchase, site visits, or engagement are a great way of connecting with existing subscribers as well as attracting new ones. Customisable CTAs, dynamic content, image library, A/B testing can also help businesses in generating the best possible outcomes for your email campaigns.

ActiveCampaign provides a host of tools that make sure you don’t need to be a technical expert to design beautiful email campaigns. The drag and drop builder empowers users to design the best emails within a few minutes. ActiveCampaign integrates with PayPal, Shopify, Stripe, Facebook, WooCommerce, and 850+ more platforms. Furthermore, features like geo-targeting, audience segmentation, analytics, conditional content, etc can propel businesses to achieve substantial returns from their campaigns.

Pricing Plan

ActiveCampaign has four plans on offer – Lite, Plus, Professional and Enterprise. Each plan provides features specific to B2C, B2B, as well as E-commerce to users. The pricing for each plan is as follows –

  • Lite – $9/month
  • Plus – $49/month
  • Professional – $129/month
  • Enterprise – $229 / month

To try out all the features before making a purchase, ActiveCampaign also provides users with a 14-day free trial.


  • Email campaigns can be customized easily and effectively.
  • The segmentation feature is super useful to target specific lists.
  • The automation tool simplifies a number of processes.
  • Customer service is highly rated.


  • The vast list of functionalities can be hard to comprehend.
  • There is no free plan available.
  • Professional and enterprise plans are quite expensive.
  • Integrations with third-party platforms are limited.
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Constant Contact Review | TNW

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an exceptional platform that checks off all the boxes of producing engaging and effective email campaigns. It does a great job when it comes to managing multiple lists and groups of contacts and is easy to understand and use for both novice and experienced email marketers. Along with all the basic features of a normal email marketing software, Constant Contact also serves innovative advanced features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Constant Contact’s suite of powerful tools has proved to significantly boost open rates for its users. Considering the excessive use of mobile phones by people today, Constant Contact provides mobile-optimized email templates that can be beneficial for any type of communication. The user-friendly drag and drop builder, as well as editing tools, make it a lot simpler to customize your emails as per your preference.

With Constant Contact, you get tools specially designed for building lists and connecting with your subscribers. Welcome emails and trigger emails also are quite beneficial in engaging existing contacts and prospects. The real-time tracking tools of Constant Contact make it possible for you to check who’s opening, clicking, and sharing your emails. AI-powered automation, coupled with excellent support, can also play a huge role in taking your email campaigns to a whole new level.

Pricing Plan

Constant Contact provides its users with 2 pricing plans – Email and Email Plus. The Email plan charges $20 per month and can be used by up to 3 users. On the other hand, Email Plus charges $45 per month and enables as many as 10 users. While the Email plan comprises the basic features, Email Plus has more powerful features in the form of polls, automated email welcome series, e-commerce segmentation, etc.


  • Contact metrics are easy to manage.
  • Deliverability rates of Constant Contact are high.
  • Impressive niche features.
  • Drag and drop editor for faster email production.


  • The price-performance ratio is very poor.
  • Only basic automation features are on offer.
  • Integration capabilities are limited.
  • The User interface needs to be more intuitive.
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AWeber Review | TNW


AWeber is one of the leading software platforms capable of quickly carrying out effective and excellent email marketing campaigns. With its vast range of features and functionalities, AWeber caters to small businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, podcasters, and various online creators across the world. It is one of the most preferred bulk emailing software platforms to reap substantial returns for your campaigns.

AWeber makes it possible for users to connect with their audiences by creating remarkable experiences through powerful email marketing campaigns. The pre-built templates and drag and drop feature makes it super easy to create professional emails within seconds. Automation tools enable users to always interact and maintain strong relationships with their subscribers. AWeber allows users to manage not just emails but also landing pages, push notifications, forms, funnels, etc through a single platform.

The email segmentation feature can help you target your emails more effectively for better and more improved campaign outcomes. Targeted emails can also be made possible by assigning tags and categorising your subscribers. The analytics capabilities of AWeber assist users in gaining critical insights into the email and campaign performances. With AWeber, you can rest assured that your emails will always hit the inbox and never land in the spam folder.

Pricing Plan

When it comes to the pricing plans, AWeber has two options – Free and Pro. The Free plan consists of limitations in terms of subscriber limit, email sends and does not include many of the advanced features of the platform. Pro plan starts at $16.15 per month for up to 500 subscribers. All the features of the platform are available in this plan. The pricing of the Pro plan increases as you increase the number of subscribers.


  • Keeping lists organized is pretty simple with AWeber.
  • The feature of sales tracking is available.
  • Great education tools for first-time users.
  • Tech support is exemplary.


  • Considering the features on offer, the pricing is quite expensive.
  • Absence of a number of common advanced features.
  • User experience is not too exciting or intuitive.
  • Reporting features could be better.
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Omnisend Review | TNW


Omnisend is a comprehensive email marketing software built for brands to streamline their campaign production practices and accelerate their business growth. The exceptional tools of Omnisend help in making emails more personalized and targeted, thereby reaching the right audiences and converting them into customers effectively. This platform is perfect for sales-driven organizations and businesses that wish to skyrocket their sales with email marketing campaigns.

With pre-built automation for welcome series emails as well as transactional emails, Omnisend saves a lot of your time and effort while enhancing your customer engagement efforts. This platform also helps you assess user behavior to make your emails more relevant and drive higher conversions. The availability of a vast library of email templates means you don’t need any coding or editing skills to create compelling email marketing campaigns.

Producing unique and attractive newsletters every time can be quite challenging. The drag and drop content editor makes it a breeze to build such interesting newsletters without any hassles. Customer profile data, purchasing history, and several other factors can also be leveraged to make targeted customer lists and substantially improve your conversion rates. A/B testing and campaign booster features can further lend support to your sales operations by optimizing campaigns and improving results.

Pricing Plan

Omnisend provides flexible pricing plans based on the list size and specific requirements of users. They have four pricing plans –

  • Free – $0/month
  • Standard – $13/month
  • Pro – $80/month
  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing

The Free, Standard, and Pro plan offers 15,000 emails per month while the Enterprise plan provides unlimited emails every month. There is also a provision of a 14-day free trial for users to test out the offerings of the platform.


  • Provides segmentation and retention analytics.
  • Extremely simple and user-friendly.
  • Follow-up campaigns are easy and effective.
  • Support services are top-notch.


  • Advanced features are fewer.
  • Customization should be more flexible.
  • The User-interface could be more intuitive.
  • Email design options are limited.
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ConvertKit Review | TNW


Transform your emails into a sales-boosting tool with the best-in-class email marketing software – ConvertKit.
As the name suggests, ConvertKit is a kit of top-class email marketing tools that help you in your objective of turning prospects into customers. This cloud-based email marketing solution is aimed at streamlining the email production practices of businesses, bloggers, podcasters, and many other content-driven organizations. The main goal of ConvertKit is to ensure reliable deliverability and assist you in churning out positive results for your campaigns.

Being a subscriber-centric platform, ConvertKit helps users to manage all their organisers from just one list with tags and segments. The provision of A/B testing and insights for every email also makes it convenient for users to analyse and optimise their campaigns effectively. Moreover, automated email funnels also prevent you from dealing with the tedious tasks of producing welcome or transactional emails.

Writing and designing emails that convert can be an arduous task. But ConvertKit, with its easy email templates and inline styling options, can make your job a lot simpler. With a delivery rate of 98% and an average open rate of 30%, ConvertKit is a platform that you just can’t ignore for your email marketing campaigns. Not only does it make sure that almost all your emails will land in the inbox but also provides an open rate that’s better than most other email marketing platforms.


Pricing Plan

ConvertKit offers three pricing plans – Free, Creator, and Creator Pro. The pricing of these plans varies based on the number of email subscribers. For a list of 1000 subscribers, the pricing plans are as follows –

  • Free – $0/month
  • Creator – $25/month
  • Creator Pro – $50/month

With the features available in all these plans, ConvertKit can be useful for you at any stage of your creator journey.


  • The metrics feature is very effective.
  • Super-specific campaigns that shoot up sales.
  • Subscriber tagging to segment users is even better.
  • A/B testing enables you to optimize campaigns accurately.


  • Absence of lead scoring functionality.
  • Automation capabilities are limited.
  • Fewer design tools as compared to most of the other platforms.
  • The learning curve is slightly steep.
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Moosend Reviews | TNW


Do you wish to up your email marketing game and manage multiple email campaigns in a better way? Are you struggling to enhance the effectiveness of your email communications? Moosend is the most-suited platform to end all your email marketing management woes. This state-of-the-art solution helps freelancers as well as businesses of all sizes to customize every element of their email campaigns to achieve positive results for your brand.

With Moosend, you get to cash in on the immense benefits of email marketing without the need for any coding skills. The drag and drop email editor of Moosend helps you craft and deliver powerful emails that drive great returns for your business. A/B testing and analytics capabilities help in identifying the improvement areas in your campaigns, thereby guiding you in constantly enhancing the quality of your emails.

The combination of pre-built email templates and personalized emails can be a great asset for businesses that are keen on generating strikingly relevant emails within minutes. Advanced list segmentation makes it possible for users to create more targeted lists based on various parameters. All of these features can play a crucial role in bolstering your campaign performances and shoot your open and click rates through the roof.

Pricing Plan

Moosend comes with 3 pricing plans – Free, Pro, and Enterprise. The charges of these pricing plans vary based on the number of subscribers. The Free plan offers a maximum of 1000 subscribers. The Pro plan is priced at $8 per month while Enterprise is a custom plan that helps you receive and pay for only the features you require.


  • Customer support is excellent and addresses all concerns accurately.
  • Powerful real-time analytics to fine-tune your email marketing campaigns.
  • An attractive interface that helps you grab the attention of users.
  • Template formatting is simplified via drag and drop.


  • The free plan is only limited to 1000 subscribers.
  • No mobile app; website is not mobile-friendly.
  • Unlike most other platforms, a free trial is not available.
  • The features and functionalities offered by Moosend are limited.
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Bottom Line

Email marketing tools have gained immense popularity in recent years, owing to the plenty of functionalities and benefits they offer. These platforms are assisting in implementing innovative email marketing campaigns that are scaling up sales for businesses and organizations. From big corporations to small businesses and even entrepreneurs, everyone capitalizes on the advantages of email marketing today with the help of these smart platforms.
Now that you have understood the key offerings of the top 10 email marketing software platforms, it is time to take the next step – choose a platform that suits your needs. All of these email marketing software tools have excellent features and tools that can help businesses of all scales and sizes. Hence, finding the software that’s perfect for you can be a little daunting.

It is important to understand your traffic, identify business requirements, analyze your budget, explore the tools and interface of various software, etc before choosing any email marketing software. This can save you from the headache and clear all your doubts and confusions before you make any investment. Consequently, you end up picking an email marketing software that’s best suited for your business.


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