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How to Organise B2B Webinars that Generate Leads for Business in 2021?

Why is a B2B Webinar the need of the hour? 

In simple terms, a B2B webinar allows your brand to engage with your potential customers by giving them information about the new and upcoming trends of the preferred field and makes your brand look like a wiseacre.  
When done to the T, hosting webinars is an excellent way of attracting potential customers.

This is a checklist for you to follow while organizing a webinar: 

  • Planning/Scheduling a Webinar
  • Prepare your Presentation 
  • Promote your webinar 
  • Follow up post-webinar 
  • Have an On-Demand option

Planning/Scheduling your webinar: 

Planning might seem overwhelming, but we have decoded it and made yet another checklist to make it easy for you.

  • Set your objectives: Keeping your focus clear is essential. Since the webinar is for potential customers, you must give them your brand story. Your brand story shouldn’t sound like a sales pitch; instead, it should interest, inform and be of value to them. Keep it short and simple so that you don’t lose their attention. 
  • Chart out the Timeline: It is essential that you plan your webinar from beginning to end, i.e., from sign up to follow up. This also includes how you USE YOUR TIME; before starting your webinar, make sure that you get rid of all the potential bugs. Rehearse the entire webinar combining all the different elements that make it a whole, be it the technology that you intend to use, the presenter, the physical location from where the webinar will be delivered to the platform that you decide to use. 
  • Plan a Recourse: Technology is dependable, but not entirely; it can pose many issues like bandwidth, firewalls, etc. Such scenarios might prop up, and brainstorming about it and coming up with a Plan B can help save the day.  
  • Landing page: The landing page sets the mood of the webinar; it needs to be eye-catching and should provide all the relevant information. This is the key to a successful webinar; it sets the ball rolling when your audience is intrigued and starts registering. 
  • Arrange your Presentation: Presentation is content. And if you know anything about the digital world, you know that content is key. It’s a game-changer. The content needs to hit the right notes, which draws the audience towards the brand and what it promotes. Another important aspect is the Webinar type. Since our webinar is about lead generation, it is like a masterclass; the presentation should educate them, make them aware of the potential problems that they are facing and move them into a stage of consideration where your brand looks like a solution to their problem.
    While preparing your presentation, keep in mind the framework of your webinar. It shouldn’t be more than 60 minutes. Try to keep the audience engaged so that you can get a real-time response from them and assess the quality of your content and see if you’re successful in making your point and reaching out to your audience. You could take a poll or a survey or keep a Q&A round. 
    Something integral is the SOUND QUALITY; yes, you read that right. You may think that the video quality deserves all the attention, but if the audio quality is displeasing, you will lose your audience faster than you think. A low-resolution video is still bearable, but when you’re unable to put your point across, the entire process of the webinar stands futile.

Webinars for B2B leads | SaaSCosmos.com

Webinar Promotion: 

Webinar promotion should be strategic and involves a few repeated and tested tactics that come in handy: 

  • Email blast: announcement of the webinar a few weeks in advance via email campaign is an excellent place to start. Give all the relevant information starting from when, where, what, who and how. Make sure the email reaches the correct target audience, such as your loyal customers, who can further send it to their colleagues and friends.
  • Social media: is your best friend. You can schedule posts at certain intervals, look at the response and follow up with potential customers and build excitement and anticipation. This further helps you understand what your customers are looking for, and you can tailor the content to show initiative, resourcefulness, and awareness on your part. This helps build a relationship of trust with the new leads.
  • Online advertising: is common and can help you reach a wider target audience; you can invest in Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  • Speakers: Guest speakers can promote the webinar by posting about it on their social media handles. Make sure you give them paraphernalia, such as the hashtag and the link to the registration page.

Follow up post webinar: 

Follow-up or lead-nurturing is essential if you want your leads to convert into customers. Post the webinar; you need a plan to keep in touch with the attendees/leads. You can send a follow-up email summarizing the main aspects of the webinar and mention your offer again, and at the same time be open to their ideas and concerns, which opens a channel of conversation.
Keep your sales team in the loop so that they can continue to nurture the relationship with your leads.

On-Demand option: 

A great idea is an on-demand option; put in simple words, when you’ve already put in so much hard work in producing such high-quality content, it would ultimately make sense to edit the recorded webinar and let it be a source of on-giving information. It can be repurposed and added to the landing page, and short videos could be put up on various social media platforms to bring in more curious leads who will sign up for the entire recording.

In Conclusion:

Generating leads is difficult but not impossible.
Webinars are a tried and tested tool for lead generation.
Make sure that your attendees are satisfied with the information that you provide and leave them with a positive impression of you and your brand.
Keep scaling your efforts, as the webinar is a mighty marketing tool.

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