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The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide 2021

No other strategy can help you grow your brand, like email marketing. In a business, email is one of the most accessible forms of communication.
Thus, email marketing is an effective tool that sets the marketing strategy of any company.

Email marketing enables you to create personalized and targeted messages for your audience base.

Keep reading to know more about email marketing and how you can do it the right way in 2021.

Email Marketing Guide | SaaSCosmos

What is Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a marketing channel in which emails are used to promote your business’s product or your business as a whole.
Email marketing is considered as a type of direct marketing and digital marketing as well. It plays a critical role in any sales strategy.
Businesses use emails in several forms to generate leads for customer engagement, brand awareness, building relationships, etc.

As a business owner, you can make your customers aware of the new products, offers, etc.

Launch Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to build good relationships with your consumers and also helps improve the response rate of all your direct marketing campaigns.

Let us create a successful email marketing campaign for your business to make the most of it: 

  • The Right Email Software: 

When it comes to picking the right emailing software for your business, you get several options available. Some of the most popular online email marketing tools include GetResponse, Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Hubspot, etc. This software allows you to create, shoot and manage your email campaigns to the list of subscribers. You will have to look for software that suits your needs best. 

The software you choose should be able to cater to all your business requirements and needs. 

  • Keep your Email List Handy: 

A majority of the email service providers enable you to create subscription forms that can be embedded on your website or the landing page.
Such forms help you to collect the required information about your business.
A subscription form will provide your customers with a clear idea about what they are signing up for.
Also, set up a strategy for what kind of content your subscribers will receive through your business emails and the frequency of emails. 

If a customer trusts your business to give you their email address, make sure that every email you send them is valuable.
Please don’t send them promotional content that is not related, and make them unsubscribe from your email list. 

  • Content Upgrades and Lead Magnets: 

Your email list will grow rapidly when you have compelling and premium content for your prospects.
It means you need to give them valuable, high-quality content in return for their email address.
It can be ebooks, checklists, reports, etc. Also, you can attract more customers and ask them to provide them with their email addresses by offering special offers and discounts. 

That said, you need to provide them with certain benefits so that they subscribe to your newsletter. 

  • Develop a Welcome Email for New Subscribers: 

After a customer signs up for your emails and gets added to your email list, you should send them a welcome email to welcome them to your community.

You can automate the welcome email that you need to send to your new subscribers and customers. 

You can choose to introduce your brand by including content about what you do, what your products are, and how this relationship will benefit them. You can offer them links to new articles on your website, integrate some useful information, and offer them some attractive discounts. 

  • Define the Goal of Your Campaign: 

Before setting up your email marketing campaigns, it is critical to have clear goals that you want to achieve.
That said, you need to take some time out to decide about the goals that you wish to achieve from your email marketing campaign. Some businesses have goals like: 

  • Sharing special discounts for their valued customers. 
  • Increased downloads for your ebooks. 
  • Updating your customers with some recent news about your company. 
  • Letting them know about the launch of a new product. 

Your goals can be either specific or broad as well so that it fits the goals of your business and audience. 

Email Marketing Trends | SaaSCosmos

Email Marketing Trends

The trend of sending emails is not outdated, and it has been a mainstay in the world of online marketing.
With an increase in the number of consumers shopping online, there is an increased need to connect and engage with them digitally, and email marketing is one of the best ways of doing it. 

1. Implementation of AI: 

We recommend you implement AI in your strategy since it helps in streamlining your email marketing efforts.
AI helps businesses by performing several tasks, including employing analytics to predict outcomes, adding keywords, optimizing surveys, etc. 

Your email marketing campaigns will run smoothly with API. 

2. Personalization: 

Consumers want to feel valued by the companies in which they choose to invest. The most significant problem that comes with automated emails is personalization.

You can choose to use AI and automation to send personalized emails to a specific target audience segment.
The basics of sending personalization emails are always to include the customer’s name and send them customized messages. However, you can automate personalization as well. 

3. Make the Emails Interactive: 

Interactive emails help in increasing engagement and are gaining popularity with advancements in technology.
That said, making your email campaigns interactive is not a difficult task anymore.
You can choose to include gamification and make it simpler for your audience by giving them prize draws, integrating quizzes and tests, trivia, etc. 

Interactive marketing is here to stay and will go a long way to impact the consumers positively. It will help engage your consumers and entertain them to a great extent. 

Email Marketing Tools Guide

The Bottom Line

A couple of smart moves is all you need to get your email marketing game strong. You must remember that the market is constantly changing, and you can use a few email marketing tools available to test which email works better than the other.
The results will take some time to appear, and you are going to love them. 

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