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10 Email Marketing Tips & Tricks for Content Marketers

Email marketing can be defined as sending a message to advertise your product or service to a group of people using email. In other words, you are sending an email or commercial messages to your current customers or turning an audience into potential customers. It involves requesting business, seeking sales or donations, promoting products and services, etc., through emails.

Email marketing can be a quick, adaptable, and inexpensive way of approaching new buyers and retaining existing ones by ensuring repeat website visits. Email marketing can create targeted and personalized messages, making promoting your products or services more convenient.
But we have all at least once deleted an email we just received even without opening or reposted some commercial email as spam. So how to make sure that your email does not land up in the spam or a trash box?

Email marketing is undoubtedly one of the most accessible, most cost-efficient, and effective marketing techniques if used in the right way. According to some researches, it can help you generate more sales than most social media platforms. This is why you need to know the right strategies to increase sales through email marketing. Nevertheless, to make your email stand out from the rest, you may have to shift your focus from quantity to quality.

Given below are ten tips to do that:

  • Recognize your target audience.
  • Keep Regularity in your content.
  • Make your emails short and snappy.
  • Add graphics or visuals and make them more personalized.
  • Curate a focused subject line
  • Divide and test
  • An attractive landing page
  • Add ample white spaces
  • Add value and quality to your emails
  • Choose your winner emails and reiterate.
Email Marketing Hacks

1. Recognize your target audience

It’s the initial and key step to boost your email marketing. The email we send to our audience should be relevant to their interests, which is possible only if you know your audience and understand their needs.
For this, you can hold polls or surveys and segregate your audience following their interests. For example, you can create a different group or segment for your audience interested in sketching and a different one interested in painting. This will help to send relevant emails to your audience according to their needs and interests. This will decrease the probability of your email getting ignored.

2. Keep Regularity in your content.

Getting an audience may be hard but sustaining an audience is even more challenging. Retaining your audience requires regular content and consistent engagement with them to keep them hooked to your brand. You need to send them periodic emails to keep reminding them of your services. But sending them regular emails does not mean to spam them with your messages; you need to strike a balance with regular intervals not to let them forget about your brand and keep them waiting for new updates from your brand.

3. Make your emails short and snappy.

People these days usually check their emails when running somewhere in a cab or between short pauses in the work in their mobile phones, so keeping your emails concise and to the point will make it easier for them to follow up on your message and complete an action. A short message will make them aware of your offers and give them a soft nudge that can turn them into potential customers. To target your audience’s attention, you need to curate your email in an organized and concise manner. It should contain bullet points and keywords if there is ample information to make it more engaging and accessible to your audience.

4. Add graphics and visuals and make it more personalized.

Adding an informative image or visual in your email will make it more catchy and easy to remember. It will also give your audience a visual idea of your product or service.
Personalizing your email by accessing the reader’s first name or the recipient or by asking them relevant questions will make them feel exclusive or unique, which will, in turn, increase the probability of them opening your email.

Email Marketing Tips & Hacks | SaaSCosmos

5. Curate a focused subject line.

Your subject line needs to be straightforward and clear. It should be short and accurate. It shouldn’t belong or be challenging to read or understand. The subject line is the very first thing the reader sees when they receive your email, so opening your email or not depends majorly on your subject line. It should convey the purpose of your message accurately. You can make it catchy or add humor to it as long as it does not look unprofessional.

6. Divide and test

You can do a/b testing with your emails. It is a method that helps you to skip the guessing games from your marketing strategy. It is a process in which you split your audience into segments or groups and find out which version of your email is proving to be more successful. That will eventually help you to reach the best version of your email. By this method, you can better understand what interests your audience the most; you can get a boost in the rates of openings and click-through.

7. Create an attractive landing page

Most of the time, your audience will follow a link in your email that will directly open to the landing page. A landing page is somewhere you collect your audiences’ pr registrants’ names, email addresses, and other information,
It is a vital part of the lead generation as it communicates why the audience should register for your webinar as soon as possible. This will make them more focused on your offer, which is the ultimate purpose of your email.

8. Add ample white spaces.

Adding white spaces to your emails, in other words, means to add paragraphs to your emails, keep them short, use titles and subheadings, add bullet points wherever necessary and make them look well structured and organized. This will give you the undivided attention of your subscriber and make you stand out from the rest hundreds of other commercial emails.

9. Add value and quality to your emails.

Adding value to your emails is the only way to sustain those open rates and increase potential buyers’ rates on your list. If you don’t offer quality in your content, then consistency will serve no purpose. That is why it is essential to provide quality with quantity.

10. Choose your winner emails and reiterate.

You can use a successful email of yours again with your new subscribers. You can also use them with the audience who didn’t open the email the first time. This will help you increase your sales while getting the most out of your marketing campaigns and strategies.


The marketing tips provided in this article are easy to apply and benefit many positive results. But this or any marketing strategy won’t give overnight results. It is a step-by-step process; you will need to stick to it and focus on the details, which will provide an overall bigger picture.

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