Social Media Trends 2022

Social Media Marketing Trends And Predictions For 2022

Are you searching for the latest social media marketing trends and predictions for 2022 and beyond? In this article, you’ll uncover highly predicted social media trends and best marketing practices to leverage in 2022. Social media handles are the best platforms to connect with your ideal customers and engage them thoroughly. 

Did you know that from 2017 to 2021, the number of users has increased from 2.5B to 3.78B? In the future, social media will become a massive platform to connect with your ideal prospects. Considering distinct factors, the marketing experts have revealed a few social media marketing trends that should be known. So, keep reading. 

Social media marketing trends 2022

7 High-Valued Social Media Marketing Trends And Predictions For 2022 That You Shouldn’t Miss Out On 

Here are the seven various social media marketing trends revealed by the experts. Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer, here’re the most significant trends that you should know. Read on. 

Social Media As Ultimate eCommerce Platform 

There is an incredible demand for online shopping, especially during the pandemic era. The online shoppers in the US have skyrocketed to 80 million, and almost all online buyers have increased by over 25%. The marketing experts predicted that online buyers will exceed 100 million by the end of 2023. 

Out of all social media handles, the craze for Instagram has been growing exponentially. The youth is leveraging social media for shopping, from buying books to clothes to complex home appliances. As predicted, 70% of the buyers peep into Instagram to look out for various online brands. Since trading and eCommerce have increased, social media handles are designing platforms to make online shopping hassle-free. 

Leverage Facebook Marketing 

Despite the success of various attention-grabbing social media apps like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc., Facebook remains on top of all. Facebook has 2,853m active users, as of 2021. At the same time, other apps like Whatsapp, YouTube, and Instagram have active users of less than 2300m. 

Although Facebook has a lot of negative media coverage, its growth has constantly been rising. While on average, YouTube users spend 40 minutes a day the Facebook users spend 58 minutes each day. So, leverage Facebook marketing to skyrocket your sales, business growth and engage with the customers.

Purposeful Campaigns Outperforms In Social Media Handles 

The pandemic has increased the scope and demand for campaigns. Purposeful campaigns showing a sense of kindness and support outperformed the rest. As per studies,77% of people feel incredibly optimistic about those brands helping needy people or supporting society in crisis. 

Since the customers expect leadership actions from the brand, the brands can leverage social media campaigns and platforms to support various activities in society. These kinds of actions not only increase the brand image but also help in customer engagement. 

Increasing Popularity For Bite-Sized Content 

It’s a bitter truth that your customers are engaging less time with your posts. Due to the short attention period, users are showing massive interest in bite-sized content. Twenty years ago, the average attention span was around 12 seconds. However, as of 2021 and beyond, the attention span has decreased to 8 seconds. 

Moreover, the mobile users engage with each post less time compared to web users. Here’s a small example. The users accessing Facebook from the desktop spend 2.5 seconds on each post. At the same time, the time reduces to 1.7 seconds for mobile users. So, make sure you design more bite-sized content than lengthy caption posts. 

Colossal Augmented Reality Options

Although Augmented Reality(AR) isn’t developed to its full potential as of now, it’s going to skyrocket in the coming years. Most social media handles incorporate AR in the image filters or editing options that increase engagement by 4x. The user engagement has increased to 75 seconds upon utilizing AR. 

Recently, Facebook has announced the launch of its smart glasses to record memories without actually using mobiles. So, with increasing technology and creativity, make sure you make your customer’s life easier and comfy in whatever you offer, from educational content to products to services. 

Huge Attention For User Generated Content(UGC)

Use generated content enhances the brand’s credibility and trust among customers. In addition, UGC’s are great for increasing engagement and converting visitors to customers within a fraction of seconds. In Particular, startups and small businesses can utilize user-generated content to raise their brand awareness. 

Marketing experts say users are 81% likely to convert through user-generated content. In addition, customers felt more safe and secure about the brand with the UGC. Most importantly, user-generated content played a vital role in decision-making and building authenticity.   

Rapid Growth Of Short-Form Reels & Video Content 

It’s no surprise that reels and video content formats perform better than images on various social media platforms. Instagram reels have received massive attention in a few cases, i.e., 2x than the regular images. In addition, marketing experts said that almost all online content will consist of videos by the end of 2022.  

The best real-time example for this trend is TikTok. Although it is banned in a few countries, it’s one of the best social media platforms dedicated to bite-sized video content. It’s the only app downloaded over 315m times in just three months. Now, Instagram and YouTube have also launched reels to engage most of their users. Usually, the reels perform 2x better than the average video post.  

Key Takeaways 

Social media handles are a great way to engage customers, increase sales, and enhance brand awareness. Whether you’re solopreneurs, businessmen, or eCommerce owners, social media plays a critical role in the upcoming years to scale your company to the next level. 

Let’s sum up the article that helps you take a few key points on leveraging social media marketing in the future years. 

  • Social media platforms are the best place to start your eCommerce. It makes selling more manageable than ever before with this simple interface and quick chatting options.
  • Despite the massive success of various socializing apps, Facebook remains top. 
  • With the rapid decline in the attention span of humans, the bite-sized content outperforms the competition. 
  • The craze for user-generated content never decreases. 
  • Purposeful marketing campaigns with a sense of kindness and support to the society increase positivity on the brands. 
  • The Augmented Reality(AR) content grabs users’ attention and increases engagement. 

So, these are the few social media marketing trends and predictions that you should know. Do you know any other social media marketing predictions? If yes, feel free to share with us. Cheers!

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