10+2 Brilliant Virtual Event Platforms You Can’t Miss Out On!

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What are Virtual Events and their Types?

In today’s fast-paced business world, events are an essential component for organizations looking to succeed. From promoting brand awareness and launching products to fostering relationships and sharing ideas, events offer businesses a platform to achieve a myriad of objectives. However, the logistical and financial constraints of physical events can be daunting, making it challenging for people worldwide to attend.

Fortunately, the rise of virtual events has revolutionized the industry, providing an accessible and cost-effective alternative. Virtual events bring together individuals from across the globe, breaking down geographical barriers, and enabling greater participation. With features such as chat tools, webinars, and integration capabilities, virtual events offer attendees a seamless and engaging experience.

In addition to the benefits for attendees, virtual events offer businesses numerous advantages. These events enable organizations to reach a wider audience, increase their return on investment, and reduce their carbon footprint. Moreover, with virtual events, businesses can leverage data analytics and insights to gain a better understanding of their audience’s preferences, behavior, and needs.

Right from day to day meetings to huge product launches, there are a number of physical events that can be successfully conducted via virtual platforms. Following are the different types of events that can be hosted virtually – 

  • Conferences and Summits
  • Webinars and Wedding Streams
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions
  • Music Concerts
  • Job and Onboarding Fairs
  • Training Programs
  • Business Meetings
  • Product Launches
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Partner Events

What is a Virtual Events Hosting Platform?

A virtual event hosting platform is a sophisticated software solution that enables businesses and organizers to conduct events through digital means. These events encompass a wide range of formats, including conferences, meetings, seminars, trade shows, training sessions, and more. One of the key features that sets virtual event platforms apart is their ability to facilitate both one-to-many and peer-to-peer interactions between participants.

What makes virtual event platforms particularly engaging and effective is their wealth of interactive features. These platforms offer a more engaging and immersive experience than video conferencing tools, making virtual events more meaningful and enjoyable. Furthermore, virtual event platforms can be accessed through a web browser, making it easy to create, host, and manage online events from anywhere. Unlike video conferencing or webinar tools, virtual event hosting platforms can support large audiences, with some platforms capable of hosting tens of thousands of attendees.

By leveraging the capabilities of virtual event platforms, businesses can organize and host events that are engaging, interactive, and accessible from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a company-wide meeting, a training session, or a large-scale conference, virtual event hosting platforms provide a comprehensive solution that can help businesses achieve their objectives and connect with their audience more effectively.

Here's our list of Top 10+1 Virtual Event Platforms - 2021

Hopin Review - Tech Nomad World


Hopin is a comprehensive live online events platform that can help organizers to create, host and manage virtual live events. Comprising highly interactive and engaging features, Hopin delivers an immersive experience that is very close to in-person events. With the Hopin platform, attendees can seamlessly learn, interact, and connect with anyone across the world easily. Hopin can also enable your attendees to exchange virtual business cards for following up in the future.

This all-in-one platform has a number of features that can take care of almost every aspect of your virtual or hybrid events. From building engaging and best-in-class virtual events to managing them precisely with a customisable interface, Hopin has feature offerings for every need of yours. It enables users to stream virtual events anywhere across the world for up to 100,000 attendees.

After helping you build an immersive event, Hopin provides you with advanced tools to tailor various facets of your event just the way you want. Right from emails to registration form fields, you get to customise everything so viewers feel as if you have designed the entire platform yourself. With access to insightful dashboards, Hopin users get to analyse event attendance, chat, booth visitors, and much more.

Hopin offers top-grade virtual and hybrid event solutions for –  

  • Conferences & Summits
  • Expos & Trade Shows
  • Recruiting & Career Fairs
  • Training & Workshops
  • Social Gatherings
  • Agencies
  • Hybrid Events


  • Integrations to conduct quizzes, live polls, Q&As, and many more interactive activities. 
  • In-house team of experts that can promptly respond to security events and ensure that your data is safe. 
  • Hopin app available on iOS and Android.
  • Clean and customisable UI that boosts user experience.
  • Hopin has acquired the platform StreamYard, which is a very powerful live studio solution.


  • Registration feature not up to the mark with fewer options. 
  • Pricing plans are based on the number of registrants rather than the number of attendees.
  • Users cannot upload pre-recorded videos to the platform and use them during their conference.
  • Streaming quality is good but not as good as YouTube or Facebook.
  • No option to create and display video overlays.
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Hubilo Review - TechNomadWorld


Hubilo is a virtual and hybrid event solution platform that is reimagining the future of events. Hubilo enables organizations to build highly interactive and immersive event experiences for their audience in different parts of the world. Right from seamless registration to analysis of event metrics, we assist you with various features to ensure you organise a successful event. 

With Hubilo, the tedious yet important tasks of building a compelling landing page as well as taking care of invoicing and accounting become a lot simpler. Further, we also have integrations with various tools and external platforms to make your attendees’ event experience extremely enjoyable. With features of QnA, polls, hand-raises, chats, etc, Hubilo helps you make sure that your audience is thoroughly engaged.

To keep your attendees hooked for a longer time, Hubilo offers the features of integrating gamification and 1:1 meetings into your events. We also have thoughtfully designed virtual booths to ensure maximum ROI for your online exhibition events. That’s not all, we even provide deep booth analytics to track visitor activity and calculate an engagement score for every lead.

Hubilo gives you the freedom to design and deliver virtual or hybrid events just the way you want. Being a part of your virtual event remotely also becomes possible with our handy mobile application. Hubilo can act as a powerful solution for a wide range of virtual and hybrid events. These include – 

  • Conferences
  • Trade Fairs
  • Medical and Education Events
  • Award Shows
  • Member Engagement Activities
  • Employee Engagement Activities
  • Job Fairs and Meetups
  • Hackathons

Furthermore, to transform your excellent show into an exemplary virtual or hybrid event, Hubilo provides you with rich analytics support. We track 60+ dimensions and metrics across the significant aspects of your event to help you deliver an extraordinary experience to your attendees every time. Hubilo also offers specific features pertaining to your hybrid or enterprise-level events.


  • Provision of custom URLs and insightful reports
  • Ample sponsorship opportunities
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easy to navigate platform


  • Limited integrations
  • Recording option not available for all sessions
  • Poor speaker experience
  • 3D navigation feature is not available.
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Dreamcast review | SaaSCosmos


Dreamcast is the world’s no.1 virtual & hybrid event platform designed to deliver immersive event experiences with the help of the most advance and exuberant technology features. Dreamcast strives to offer the best in industry solution for your event requirement to deliver seamless larger than life event experiences.
The all in one platform allows you to host all types of live physical events in a virtual environment right from virtual conferences, summits, meetings, town halls, AGMs, trade shows, exhibitions, expos, networking fairs, job fairs, onboarding fairs, and more.

Dreamcast has a stellar engagements lineup that involves the latest AI & gamification features, the USP of the platform being flexible, customisable & cost-effective. It helps in boosting excitement along with the ROI.

Attendees can network 1:1 or have group discussions thanks to the platform’s secure live audio/video chat & document sharing capabilities and other networking features such as Networking Tables, B2B meeting scheduler, AI Matchmaking, Business Card Exchange, and so much more.

Additionally, the platform offers detailed event analytics that allow you to measure the event performance by generating an accurate event analytics report making sure you don’t miss any detail.
Dreamcast is a robust solution for a range of virtual and hybrid events. These include –

  • Conferences
  • Trade Fairs
  • Award Shows
  • Medical and Education Events.
  • Townhalls & career fair.
  • Employee Engagement Activities.
  • Job Fairs and Meetups.
  • Techathons Hackathons


  • 360 Virtual Platform with multi lingual capabilities.
  • 100% Customisable
    Networking Tables & other networking opportunities.
  • AI Matchmaking.
  • Business card exchange.
  • 40+ Gamifications available.
  • Multiple Engagement options.
  • Url Based with Browser friendly


  • Customisations come at a cost.
  • Captioning Not available.
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Vfairs Review - TechNomadWorld


Do you wish to connect and engage with global audiences by hosting vibrant and appealing virtual events? vFairs is the perfect platform! It is a comprehensive virtual event solution that helps organisations of all sizes to organise epic events that reap higher returns. With tools such as live webinars, group chat, 1:1 chat, etc, vFairs stands out amongst all virtual platforms by delivering a rich event experience.

vFairs is extremely useful for events conducted by organisations, corporations, as well as universities. This is because vFairs provides a host of offerings pertaining to every aspect of organising a virtual event. These features include insightful reports, 24/7 customer support, mobile accessibility and multi-lingual support. Moreover, the customisation capabilities of our platform along with the impeccable 3D design help you in keeping your audience entertained throughout the event.

With vFairs, you don’t just get tools that help in making your event visually stunning but tools that ensure that your event delivers the desired impact. With a compelling landing page to a customised registration form, we can help you attract the right audiences seamlessly for your event. Similarly, with online booths for virtual trade shows, exhibitors can showcase images, brochures and even play videos to grab the attention of event visitors.

With extensive features and numerous tool integrations, vFairs can help you host various virtual events. These include –

  • Conferences and Career Fairs
  • Trade Shows and Product Launch Events
  • Job Fairs and Education Fairs
  • Graduation and Alumni Networking
  • Housing Fairs and Exhibitions 
  • Food Shows and Motor Shows

We at vFairs understand that interaction and engagement is an indispensable factor of any event. Hence, our platform comes with numerous interactivity tools to ensure easy communication between exhibitors and attendees through text/ audio/ video chat in real-time. Q&A and polls feature can also help in delivering an engrossing experience. 


  • Intuitive and feature-packed platform
  • Easily accessible on multiple devices
  • Simple booth setup process
  • vFairs technical support during the event


  • No automated reminder email for those who signed up for the event
  • Fast and confusing speaker training
  • Limited customisations
  • No feature to video chat with multiple participants simultaneously
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HexaFair is the first all-in-one platform that offers Immersive Unified experience for Trade fair , Conferences & Networking in single application that helps to reach wider audience globally at less cost & maximize Sponsors value & ROI making your virtual conferences, trade shows, summits, and more into an unbelievably interactive and engaging events !

HexaFair, virtual event space where event organizers can upload videos for their audience, attendees can get all their questions answered, and space for sponsors of an event to brand their brand. 

HexaFair, Hybrid Events Platform: Allow exhibitors to extend their booths virtually, visitors can access using QR code at on-site booths.

HexaFair Virtual/Hybrid Events Cloud, the most comprehensive hybrid communication software platform offers Virtual Trade Show, Virtual Exhibition, Virtual Fairs, Virtual Conferences, Virtual Summit & Virtual Meet solutions.

Fully INTERACTIVE 3D ENVIRONMENT TO YOUR VIRTUAL/HYBRID EVENTS Lobby, Auditorium, Exhibitor Halls, Booths, Video Wall, Breakout rooms, One on One Video call with Exhibitors, One on One Video call with attendees, 3D Interactive Virtual Stage.

HexaFair Environment houses, virtual interactive Lobby with reception area followed by an exhibition hall allows companies to set up virtual booths to showcase their brands and share business cards, videos of products or services, Visitors can engage the exhibitors and their representatives in a text Chat or video chat conversations. 

With HexaFair’s conference features, an organiser can live-stream multiple streaming sessions parallel, conference is experience as live, where audience can question the speakers and speakers can throw polling surveys to the audience. 

Networking and chatting amongst visitors is facilitated through the networking and breakout rooms.

Post event, Organiser’s ROI is gauged, through the reports and statistics generated enabling you as an organiser to scale globally.


  • HexaFair has amazing UI/UX design visuals that makes it visually better.
  • Since it is a 3D platform, the view is amazing and gives an immersive experience. 


  • HexaFair platform does not work in mobile browser, it works in mobile device as mobile app.
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Airmeet Review - TechNomadWorld


Planning to host virtual summits, meetups, workshops, job fairs, conferences, or any other online events? Airmeet can help you. It allows you to run multiple sessions parallelly without any video or audio glitches. Moreover, Airmeet also acts as an effective virtual venue that can allow your attendees to easily move across sessions and exhibition booths to have best-in-class interactions.

In order to keep your sessions interactive, Airmeet has the ‘raise hand’ feature which enables the attendees to converse directly with the speaker of the session. That’s not all, we even help you integrate polls and surveys in your events to keep your audience engaged. With modern-day features such as emojis of laughing, clapping, thumbs up, etc we try to bring a more personal and entertaining feel to your virtual events.

With Airmeet, you can –

  • Host up to 100,000 attendees parallelly at the same time.
  • Live stream your event on popular platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.
  • Enable audience to connect from anywhere through their mobile devices.
  • Seamlessly deliver high-quality sessions with pre-recorded videos.
  • Put up independent virtual exhibition stalls to generate leads.
  • Use your brand logos, content, as well as brand colours for the virtual event.
  • Conduct a hybrid event by streaming your sessions through Zoom, WebEx, OBS, etc.

The Airmeet platform can serve as a powerful tool for businesses to win customers through immersive virtual events. It can also help them to engage with and train their existing customers through virtual conferences and training workshops. Our suite of tools can also be beneficial for universities and educational institutions to connect and collaborate with their students virtually. Providing meaningful learning experiences can become a lot easier with the Airmeet platform. 


  • Easy to use for organisers as well as attendees
  • Ability to host events of all scales easily
  • Speed networking feature is exceptional
  • Exemplary attendee engagement features
  • Super helpful and prompt customer support


  • Few networking features don’t work on Safari browser
  • Event reporting capabilities can be better
  • Onboarding journey can be more explanatory
  • No multilingual support for sessions
  • Delay in getting meeting recording off the servers
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Remo Reviews - TechNomadWorld

Remo Conference

Remo Conference can help you right from designing to delivering an excellent virtual event that ensures high engagement and better returns. With features to fully customise event experiences, we help you organise unique online shows that are very similar to physical events. Remo also enables you to create environments that ensure easy networking, workshops, conferences, and a lot more.

Remo empowers you to configure floor plan designs as well as craft gathering spaces and table seating arrangements as per your specific requirements. With Remo, you are also enabled to conduct multiple sessions simultaneously wherein your guests can move across these sessions seamlessly. Virtual events with Remo also helps you stream YouTube or other videos directly into your events. Our whiteboard feature allows you to conduct meaningful collaboration sessions and keep your audience hooked.

With Remo Conference, you can –

  • Host up to 1000 attendees for every event building
  • Serve 15K+ participants by organising engaging events across multiple buildings and conference halls
  • Gather your guests virtually at tables for meaningful breakout sessions
  • Engage with prospects as effectively as in-person
  • Focus on most popular questions during the event through upvotable Q&As
  • Get 24/7 support services and get rid of all your concerns by connecting with Remo experts 

With Remo, organising multi-speaker events becomes a lot simpler. By enabling up to 10 speakers at a time, Remo helps your event engagement shoot through the roof. Moreover, features to connect one-to-one or in groups encourages better interactions and establishes deeper and long-lasting relationships. With no need to download and install an app, your guests can join your event with just a single click. From conferences, alumni meetings, job fairs to even educational seminars and networking events, Remo helps you organise a vast range of virtual events quite easily.


  • Easy to use tool for a variety of businesses
  • Flexible and engaging virtual event platform
  • Guests can move freely across tables
  • Ability to upload custom floorplans
  • High-quality audio and video


  • Needs better features to upload presentation content
  • No polling or voting systems
  • Chat messages don’t stay for long
  • No option to view the profiles of other attendees
  • There is no standalone app for mobile or PC
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Bizzabo Review - TechNomadWorld


Unleash the maximum potential of your events even through the digital medium with Bizzabo’s all-in-one event software. Bizzabo makes crafting and organising live, virtual or even hybrid events a lot simpler and effective. With the rapidly transforming event industry, incorporating technology and modern methods for your events has become indispensable. Bizzabo helps you go virtual with your events and shows without giving up on the look and feel of an in-person event.

Bizzabo can assist you in successfully orchestrating and optimising every aspect of your event including building a website, registrations, event content, and much more. To ensure an amazing experience for your audience, Bizzabo even offers the feature to live stream high-quality videos as well as deliver videos on demand. We even offer a networking and event application to make sure your event is accessible from many devices and with zero hassles.

Furthermore, to boost returns from your virtual events, Bizzabo also offers top-notch analytics support to help you collect all essential attendee data easily. This can assist you in assessing the performance of a single event or even your entire portfolio. Consequently, you can gain critical insights into how your attendees are registering and engaging with your sessions to make effective changes and deliver more meaningful experiences.

Our award-winning virtual event platform helps you create impactful event experiences that drive significant returns for your business. With 2500+ third-party integrations, organising virtual events gets as stress-free as it can be with us. Along with delivering a pleasant user experience, Bizzabo takes sincere efforts to ensure that your and your guests’ data is always safe. Our customer success managers are 100% committed to ensuring the success of your virtual events. 


  • Seamless and simple setting up of registrations
  • Creating a multi-page website is super easy
  • Great user experience 
  • Integrations with Slack, Paypal, and Stripe
  • Accurate reports that can be exported without any hassles


  • Page builder is not up to the mark
  • No option to save outgoing mails
  • Registration form features are limited
  • Very few themes to choose from for custom website
  • Customer service is slow as compared to other platforms
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6Connex Review - TechNomadWorld


6Connex is one of the most popular and globally appreciated software and services provider for enterprise online events. We can help you create top-notch virtual environments, learning management, and webinars. From exhibiting your brand just the way you like to uncover critical event insights, we can help you through each and every facet of conducting a successful virtual event. With 6Connex, your virtual or online events are as impactful as in-person events.

Lead by the most innovative brains in the industry, the 6Connex platform today is one of the most secure and reliable product on the market. Our skilled and highly experienced project managers offer hands-on support and strategic guidance throughout your event. With our AI capabilities and engagement tools, you can easily tap into user behaviour and design more meaningful and personalised experiences for your attendees.

Having decades of experience, 6Connex ensures that your events are risk-free and secure. Our technology teams are seasoned experts in the design and development of top-grade secure virtual environments. With these professionals by your side, you can rest assured that your event adheres to GDPR security compliance regulations. Driven by artificial event intelligence, we deliver immersive experiences through an attendee-centric approach. 

With 6Connex, you can organise a vast range of virtual programs and events. These include but are not limited to –

  • Tradeshows and Expos
  • Summits and Conferences
  • Shareholder Meetings
  • Training Centers
  • Recruitment and Career Fairs
  • Graduation and Award Ceremonies
  • Townhalls

With 6Connex, you can design a branded 3D virtual environment and customise the entire virtual event experience. Our registration tools or third-party integrations can help you capture significant attendee details. You can even gain attendee insights to assess your event’s effectiveness with 6Connex’s best-in-class analytics feature. We also enable you to sync 6Connex with your existing enterprise tools and systems to optimise operational costs while also meeting your event objectives.


  • Extremely easy to use and navigate
  • Highly customisable platform
  • Variety of communication options
  • Large number of templates available for virtual rooms


  • Chat function on the sides of the breakout session very small.
  • Only available in annual license.
  • Email marketing feature is extremely limited.
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Zoom Review - TechNomadWorld

Zoom Events

Zoom Events is a comprehensive virtual events platform that is equipped with a host of tools to ensure frictionless communications. We create engaging and highly entertaining virtual experiences for large enterprises as well as small businesses. Host presentations, meetings, training, webinars, and a lot more virtual events successfully with Zoom Events. This is the perfect platform to humanise your interactions with large audiences despite the virtual connections.

With Zoom Events, the presenter always stays at the front and center to help you connect with the audience in a more personal way. It enables you to securely scale to 50,000 people in your live webinars. That’s not all, the provision of YouTube streaming and Facebook Live help you to grow your external audience as well. Furthermore, with Zoom Events, you can conduct and collaborate through meetings quite easily.

Our innovative platform provides you with a suite of intelligent features to promote your brand. This includes registration page customisations, reminder emails, as well as a post-webinar landing page builder. To keep your audience hooked, there are also features such as Q&A sessions, polls, in-session chat, etc. With this set of offerings, Zoom Events ensures that your attendees have exemplary virtual event experiences.

Learning and teaching can also become a lot more efficient through the digital medium with Zoom Events. Equipped with special learning tools, Zoom Events can deliver meaningful online as well as hybrid learning experiences and enhance learner engagement immensely. We can even cater to the healthcare sector through telehealth or real-time video communications in order to improve patient care. With consistent high-quality video even in low-bandwidth environments, Zoom Events ensures that participants can join from any device without any hassles. 


  • Enables businesses to have a large number of attendees
  • Ability to stream meetings or webinars on Facebook
  • Compatibility with Google Calendar to keep track of daily tasks
  • Easy to use platform with an excellent interface
  • Customised plans for enterprises


  • Pricing plans are expensive in comparison with other platforms
  • Android application comes with very limited features
  • Waiting room customisation is very basic
  • There are limitations on the number of personal meetings
  • Dial-in option takes up a lot of time
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On24 Reviews - TechNomadWorld


ON24 is a cloud-based online event software platform that is redefining how organizations engage with their attendees. Our feature-rich platform makes it extremely easy to design and deliver meaningful event experiences even through the digital medium. By enabling the organisation of highly engaging webinars, training sessions, product marketing shows, and many more virtual events, ON24 ensures measurable business growth for businesses.

With the ON24 platform, it becomes extremely easy to conduct virtual events that help you connect with your attendees on a very human level. We help in creating live, on-demand, and personalized engagement for small, medium, and large businesses. Our innovative tools also help in delivering more personalized experiences to transform training programs. The provision of 1:1 meetings, Q&A sessions, and engagement tracking features take your virtual events to the next level.

From hybrid events and product marketing programs to training sessions, we offer solutions for a variety of events across numerous industry verticals. Our digital platform can help you host virtual events pertaining to a vast spectrum of industries. These industries include –

  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences
  • Media & Publications
  • Associations
  • Legal

To improve customer engagement, ON24 has a range of tools that help in keeping the attendee entertained throughout the event. The website embedding feature allows you to feature custom thumbnails, layouts, banners, and backgrounds on your website. Uploading, managing, and publishing your special content on the ON24 Engagement Hub becomes a lot easier with our media manager feature. Moreover, our robust analytics capabilities can also be beneficial for you to assess and optimize your event in order to make it more meaningful. 


  • Totally customisable platform
  • Great bandwidth that always delivers a seamless experience
  • Easy to navigate and user-friendly platform
  • Backend analytics, especially for audience tracking, is excellent 
  • Integrates well with other parts of the marketing stack


  • Captioning/transcript feature is not up to the mark
  • Target Engagement hub is extremely expensive
  • Limited networking options for attendees
  • Not easy to edit or delete parts of recorded events
  • Salesforce integration is not available
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Brella Review - TechNomadWorld


Brella is one of the most trustworthy virtual event management solutions that can host a number of professional and engaging events seamlessly. Comprising numerous features, for both attendee engagement and organisation ease, Brella is the go-to platform to conduct a variety of virtual events. Its multiple livestream hosting feature is absolutely excellent and loved by all the Brella users.

The livestream chat and Q&A session functionalities make Brella a highly effective platform to organise engaging and entertaining virtual events. AI-powered matchmaking ensures that you spend much less time ‘networking’ and much more time ‘connecting with the right people’. With 1:1 video conferencing, attendees, as well as organisers, are sure to have an experience that is as impactful and effective as that delivered during a physical event.

We understand that data plays a pivotal role in everything today. Hence, we provide you with best-in-class analytics capabilities to help you gain insights into content performance and attendee interests. This can encourage you to make smart strategic decisions and optimise your event to make it more aligned with your business objectives. Also, assessing booth traffic, ad views, and meeting counts to determine ROI becomes a lot simpler with Brella’s innovative virtual events platform.

Our excellent networking features can be quite beneficial in audience retention by up to 4x. Right from one-on-one sessions to group discussions, we facilitate a vast range of features that make your events memorable for you as well as your attendees. With Brella, scheduling meetings, no matter virtual or in-person, becomes easy and hassle-free. Our platform also helps you keep track of varying interests, skills, desires as well as track the engagement metrics of your audience to make well-informed decisions pertaining to your virtual events.


  • Easy to set up meetings
  • Simple interface
  • Ability to visualise engagement of event
  • Features and functionalities are easy to understand


  • Polls/ Voting feature not available
  • No virtual lobby or waiting room
  • Very limited integrations
  • Customisable templates are not available
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Virtual Event Platforms - Triggering Transformations in the Event Industry

The event industry has been revolutionized by the introduction of virtual event platforms. From local events and trade shows to job fairs and conferences, virtual event platforms have made it possible to organize almost every type of event virtually. These platforms offer a range of interactive and engaging features that keep attendees entertained and engaged throughout the event.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought in-person events to a halt, and virtual event platforms emerged as a lifeline for businesses during these challenging times. Initially viewed as a temporary solution, virtual events have now gained widespread acceptance, and many are outperforming their in-person counterparts.

Virtual event platforms have also expanded the reach of businesses, allowing them to connect with audiences from anywhere in the world. As a result, virtual events are likely to become an essential part of every business’s overall event strategy going forward. Choosing the right virtual event platform can offer significant benefits and help businesses increase their profits.

Virtual event platforms have transformed the way events are organized and have proved to be an invaluable asset to the event industry. With a range of interactive features and the ability to connect with audiences worldwide, virtual events are here to stay. So, choose the best virtual event platform and take your business to new heights with online events today.

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