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Providing enormous reach and impact, Zoom Video Webinars offers you as many as 10,000 view-only attendees and up to 100 video panelists with streaming options to Youtube and Facebook Live. Interactive and dynamic qualities include Q/A, polling, raise hand, reporting, MP4/M4A recording with transcripts, and registration options such as reminder and follow-up emails, all with high-quality video, audio, and screen sharing. Invite your attendees to the Expo Floor where they can explore your virtual venue and join subject-matter specific booths to hear from experts or network with other attendees in a more intimate setting. Booths can be used for sponsors, topic specific networking, product demonstrations and much more! Host different types of virtual events with customizable registration and built-in ticketing options. Set the number of free and paid tickets available per event. Support group purchases, gifts, and donations. Set up public or private events that are free, paid, live, or on-demand. Schedule your events to be single-session, multi-session, or concurrent session, single day or multi day, with the ability to post recordings after the event. Give your attendees the chance to network with each other as well as event sponsors with the ability to easily exchange contact info, chat and initiate meetings with other attendees in the event lobby.
Starting from:
₹1,300 /month/license
Pricing model:
Hubilo, vFairs, Airmeet
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