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Remo Conference helps creators, coaches, and event organizers create immersive online events right from your computer Chrome browser where users can learn and connect with each other just like real life. Remo is the first web-video platform that allows people to have face-to-face networking online just like in-person events that build meaningful relationships and conversations. Surprisingly, many platforms create user fatigue and dread of “yet another” virtual meeting by forcing users into artificially restrictive virtual spaces – like “breakout rooms” that aren’t really rooms.

In contrast, we recognized how vital it is to engage people’s natural desire to explore, and to experience the freedom of choice about where to go and with whom to engage.

That’s why we’re dedicated to innovating technology that nurtures our natural enthusiasm to engage in authentic conversations that lead to meaningful relationships.

We know we’re on the right track and hitting the right notes, because from a tiny five member team at the beginning of 2020, Remo exploded in a good way.

We’re now a team almost 100 strong, supporting more than 66,000 event hosts from more than 105 countries, who have hosted over 3.78 million virtual events!

We’re excited to be a trailblazer in this booming industry as we boldly wave the “People First!” flag to connect people around the world in ways that rival the in-person experience.

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6Connex, Zoom Events, ON24
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