Top 10 Best SEO Tools to Optimise Your Website for Success

Top 10 Best SEO Tools to Optimise Your Website for Success

Have you been in a place where all your hard work on optimizing your website seemed to have gone to waste as you cannot get your website to a higher rank in any search engine? You are not alone. The algorithm keeps on changing, so the only way to get a higher ranking is to keep up with the best SEO tools. 

SEO meaning Search Engine Optimization tools is a great way to ensure that your website ends up on the higher ranks in a search engine. So, let us now look at the top 10 best SEO tools to optimize your website for success. 


We cannot start the list about SEOs without mentioning Semrush. It is a fantastic research tool that helps gather the required data on how many people search for a specific word or phrase.

Not only that, but it also provides you with data about product listings, specified ads, your competitor’s strategies, and much more.
You can gather the information about how much traffic other sites are getting and use it for your benefit.

You can also get the backlinks for other websites. You can either sign up for a free 10-day trial pack or get a premium account for all the information that you’d need.

Moz Pro 

The second on the list would be Moz Pro, which will help your optimization with a research-based strategy, i.e., using a highly data-driven approach.
Similar to Semrush, Moz Pro uses information on the traffic of other sites and the most-searched keywords to help you get more traffic to your page.
What makes Moz Pro stand out in a sea of other SEOs is that it offers a chrome extension that enables you to get any information on any domain you choose to visit. 

You can opt for a 30-day free trial if you go for the Pro plan, but otherwise, priced at $99 per month


Next, we have Ontolo, one of the best tools out there that will provide you with all the necessary marketing opportunities. Further, you can also get easier ways of backlinking and guest posting.
Ontolo goes beyond just using popular keywords to increase your website traffic.

It can help you gather all opportunities by collecting data from sources that go over 80. 

The plan for Ontolo starts with $97 for every month, but that’s not all. You have a money-back guarantee in the first 30 days!


Google Search Console 

You can use the Google Search Console to look at how the search engine looks at your website but not only that. You get a plethora of different services that will help you optimize your website better.

Your primary focus should be to rank well on the Google search engine because if you can manage that, you’ll be able to handle it in other engines as well. 

The best thing about this? It’s free!

 Image source: Google Images

Google Adwords Keyword Planner 

One of the must-haves you need for better optimization as it gives you a comprehensive date about all keywords and how much traffic they can generate. It can also provide your Adwords price for each keyword. You can get all the critical and detailed reports you want from a keyword. 

It is free, like a cherry on top!

Screaming Frog 

It is widely known as an SEO spider tool because it can crawl up to sophisticated optimization tasks as a host.
It can find and fix broken links and redirects as well! It is an incredible tool, especially if you own an online store because as a crawler, it can get data from HTML pages to your page through a CSS path. 

You can get free access to limited resources or get all of it by paying $191.

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You can increase the traffic on your site using Link-able as it boosts your SEO. It provides a reliable way to create backlinks and gives authors a way to access their project database.
This will help them to wait for marketers who will respond to their project proposals. It is a bridge between two parties- the marketer and the author. 

It is free to use but charges a specific percentage of the transaction.


It is one of the best optimization tools that collect data and help you out with content research. It means that you can find out which content has done the best online with just a simple keyword that it is related to.
With its user-friendly dashboard, you can also keep track of your personal projects. 

It offers a trial period of 7 days for $7 but is priced at $99 for the month.


Buzzstream is a multi-feature SEO tool that offers marketing through emails, project management, and domain research.
As an SEO tool, it provides you with a wide range of keywords. Most importantly, the ones that induce traffic and give you all the required information about them, including domain name, age, authority, overall rankings, etc.
This can help you through an audit to research your competitors and keep a tab on them. 

The plan starts at $24. 


Last but not least on our list is Linkody. It prioritizes backlinks over anything else to optimize your website. It uses its technology to find out what links and keywords people are using to find your website and even has the authority to disallow any links you want.

This can help your website avoid spams. It also offers other services that help you send detailed reports to your clients and monitor how well your site is doing on social media.

All of this for just $14.90! You can also use it for 30 days for free, without a credit card. 

Summing It Up 

Out of all the SEOs, this handpicked selection is the best one out there. Optimizing your websites has never been this easier. Do try them out at your earliest convenience and get ready for tremendous traffic!   

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